When the Wind of the Spirit Blows

A large roaring lion stands above the empty tomb on Easter morning

Earlier this year I was shown an old sailing ship making its way through a violent storm! The ship looked like an old schooner.

I asked the Lord what He was showing me. The following is what He said.

“This ship moves by the power of My wind. A self powered ship can go in the wrong direction in this time, but those like this ship that move by the power of my wind can only go my direction. In this storm, even if they turn into my wind, it would go nowhere because I am blowing powerfully in this season and there is only one way progress will be made. Only move in the direction of my wind!

Watch the flag! Keep eye on its direction! Set sail in that direction for that is where I am going!”

I then looked to the flag on the old ship and it was the Stars and Stripes!

He continued speaking, saying:

“I am leading old glory to new glory in this season! My bride has turned to me and I have heard her cries for mercy!

 Return to the secret place! Gaze into the mirror of my face!

The eagle is on the mast keeping watch! His grip on the ship is tight and things will be made right! Not by man’s power though! NO! He will not know where to go!”

I wrote the above in early summer, to the best of my memory, just how I experienced and heard it. Sometimes, in visions we don’t know the timing of what we are seeing, and I honestly believe different scenes in this vision were at different times.

I may or may not do a more thorough writing later, but for now I want to just share that I believe we are going to see a new America if we continue to pray and be led by the Holy Spirit. I do believe that we have turned a corner in prayer and need to keep pressing in because Heaven is listening and acting on our prayers! We need to pray and decree what Heaven is saying!

We need to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves to see if we are in His will! Are we going His way, or are we going our way? Who or what leads us: logic, or His wind? As the Word says, in Him, we live and move and have our being. We will struggle outside of His will.

He is empowering us with greater levels of insight to His plan and is also empowering us to complete the work He is calling us to. Apart from Him we can do nothing!

New glory for old glory! America has been God’s chosen vessel to bring the gospel and advance the Kingdom around the Earth! He is saying that we still are and will be made right again! The enemy has pushed us off course, but God is correcting our course beginning today! The wind is at our back because we have sought Him in the secret place and stood in the gap, for not only our nation, but all of the nations!

The eagles are taking their place! They are deeply rooted in the heart of their Lord and He has deeply sown His word into them! They are keeping watch and have answered Heaven’s call to fight for truth, justice, and righteousness! The eagles are the watchmen taking their posts and looking deeply into the mirror; they see what the Lord is saying and doing and speak it accordingly into the Heavenlies. They see the violence in the Heavens and with the Spirit are moving forcefully against the enemy armies – they are waging war!

With the eagles’ battle cries, that come from the very heart of their all mighty God, they dethrone the enemy and advance the Kingdom – as the angel armies of the Lord respond to the voice they know so well coming out of these servants of the Lord! The eagles have been forged in the fire and tempered by the blacksmith! They have endurance to stand and no weapon forged against them will be able to prosper!

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