When the Wind of the Spirit Blows

A large roaring lion stands above the empty tomb on Easter morning

Earlier this year I was shown an old sailing ship making its way through a violent storm! The ship looked like an old schooner.

I asked the Lord what He was showing me. The following is what He said.

“This ship moves by the power of My wind. A self powered ship can go in the wrong direction in this time, but those like this ship that move by the power of my wind can only go my direction. In this storm, even if they turn into my wind, it would go nowhere because I am blowing powerfully in this season and there is only one way progress will be made. Only move in the direction of my wind!

Watch the flag! Keep eye on its direction! Set sail in that direction for that is where I am going!”

I then looked to the flag on the old ship and it was the Stars and Stripes!

He continued speaking, saying:

“I am leading old glory to new glory in this season! My bride has turned to me and I have heard her cries for mercy!

 Return to the secret place! Gaze into the mirror of my face!

The eagle is on the mast keeping watch! His grip on the ship is tight and things will be made right! Not by man’s power though! NO! He will not know where to go!”

I wrote the above in early summer, to the best of my memory, just how I experienced and heard it. Sometimes, in visions we don’t know the timing of what we are seeing, and I honestly believe different scenes in this vision were at different times.

I may or may not do a more thorough writing later, but for now I want to just share that I believe we are going to see a new America if we continue to pray and be led by the Holy Spirit. I do believe that we have turned a corner in prayer and need to keep pressing in because Heaven is listening and acting on our prayers! We need to pray and decree what Heaven is saying!

We need to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves to see if we are in His will! Are we going His way, or are we going our way? Who or what leads us: logic, or His wind? As the Word says, in Him, we live and move and have our being. We will struggle outside of His will.

He is empowering us with greater levels of insight to His plan and is also empowering us to complete the work He is calling us to. Apart from Him we can do nothing!

New glory for old glory! America has been God’s chosen vessel to bring the gospel and advance the Kingdom around the Earth! He is saying that we still are and will be made right again! The enemy has pushed us off course, but God is correcting our course beginning today! The wind is at our back because we have sought Him in the secret place and stood in the gap, for not only our nation, but all of the nations!

The eagles are taking their place! They are deeply rooted in the heart of their Lord and He has deeply sown His word into them! They are keeping watch and have answered Heaven’s call to fight for truth, justice, and righteousness! The eagles are the watchmen taking their posts and looking deeply into the mirror; they see what the Lord is saying and doing and speak it accordingly into the Heavenlies. They see the violence in the Heavens and with the Spirit are moving forcefully against the enemy armies – they are waging war!

With the eagles’ battle cries, that come from the very heart of their all mighty God, they dethrone the enemy and advance the Kingdom – as the angel armies of the Lord respond to the voice they know so well coming out of these servants of the Lord! The eagles have been forged in the fire and tempered by the blacksmith! They have endurance to stand and no weapon forged against them will be able to prosper!

Restoring the Garden Experience

Jesus came that we would know the truth and that truth would set us free.

I must then ask myself, “What was the lie He came to free mankind from; was it our bad thinking; our religion; our sin; our perception of Him and His Father?” I think it is all the above. Mostly, I think He came to make right what the devil messed up through his lie in the garden. I believe Christ came to restore the garden experience to His people and not only restore it but improve upon it.

Jesus came as the second Adam refusing to sin, though He was tempted in every way. He faced the same temptations as the first Adam, but because He came as the Truth and fully lived it, the devil’s lies had no effect on Him. He was the Truth in the flesh. He brought the truth as He lived the truth. He was so grounded in the truth that He was indeed the Word made flesh; the very perfect example of the Rhema word of God. How frustrating for the enemy! The one who had no truth in him had to deal with the One who was and is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Jesus was a walking lie detector, GPS system, and conduit of life eternal for all who knew Him because of His connection to His Father.

This connection He had is available to us. Adam walked with God and now we get to walk in God with God in us! Jesus, the second Adam, came so that we could walk not only with God in intimacy, but have the truest form of intimacy and abide in Him as He dwells in us.

John 14:19-21 Says, 19 “A little while longer and the world will see Me no more, but you will see Me. Because I live, you will live also. 20 At that day you will know that I am in My Father, and you in Me, and I in you. 21 He who has My commandments and keeps them, it is he who loves Me. And he who loves Me will be loved by My Father, and I will love him and manifest Myself to him.”

That is as intimate as it gets! He gave us His Spirit so we could truly know Him from the inside out. He gave us His Holy Spirit so we could know Him, not just know of Him. Holy Spirit leads us into all truth as He did for Jesus when He walked the Earth as a man. Jesus was our example of what is available to us as Sons and Daughters of the Living God. I know for myself I want all that is available to me and know I have barely scratched the surface of what is obtainable.

The greatest truth I have learned in my life about Jesus and what He did for me, is that He made a way for me to know His Father through the Helper, Holy Spirit. Jesus, through His work on the cross, did what I could never do for myself: He stood in my place and took upon Himself all the shame and condemnation that I deserved, so I could walk in His victory over sin and death. He did this because of His love for mankind. He did this because He knew His Father’s love for us, and what greater gift could He give to His Father than a way for mankind to return to intimacy with Himself and His Father? There is nothing God desires more than intimacy with His children. In fact, the desire is so great, that it is far greater than our desire to be with Him. He wants intimacy with us more than we want it with Him! Such an awesome truth to take a hold of: Intimacy with you is more desirable to God than any work you could do for Him. YOU cannot get to Him by your works, but only by the works of Jesus. He was the way; we cannot make our own way. He loves it when we do good and righteous things. I also believe He loves it far more when we just believe we are righteous because of Him, and then live out of who we are, not from what we do.

John 8:31-32 states, “31 So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.”

You will know (Gonosko) the truth (Aletheia) and the truth (Aletheia) will set you free. The word for “know” here in the Greek is “Gonosko”, which means intimate or in-depth knowledge, not shallow or carnal knowledge. The word for truth here is “Aletheia”, which translates to, the truth of the truth or eternal reality. Eternal reality is Heaven’s reality and not a temporal or carnal reality.

It is not carnal reality, or knowledge of God that sets us free, but true Spiritual experience and understanding of the person of God and His ways. What truly sets us free is intimate knowledge of the person of God and Heavenly realities. The Word of God is our plumb-line, but the Holy Spirit leads us into all truth.

HS with Scripture

Victory in DC: Vision From 10-2-2019

I have been very reluctant to publicly share the prophetic words and experiences the Lord has given me, outside of a circle of friends and mentors God has blessed me with. I believe there is a time to share and a time not to share, as a word given out of season can be very harmful, even if time proves it to be accurate.

I believe I am sharing now out of obedience to the Lord. I am very much doing this in fear and trembling and not to get attention or build a name myself. Every servant of the Lord will one day have all his works judged with fire. I don’t want to see my works go up in smoke.

My hope is that it will encourage the readers in whom it resonates with, and reveal that the Lord has a plan to use his bride powerfully, to not only transform our nation, but our world!

On October 2, 2019 I had a vision while spending time with the Lord. In the vision I was taken to Washington, D.C. Once I got to D.C. I was watching from above as a scene started to play out on the ground before me. The first thing I noticed was the biggest angel I’ve ever seen with a rainbow mist all around him. I know him by the name Victory. Angels often time will give their name as it matches their assignment instead of their actual name. I experienced him in a dream in late 2018, but you’ll hear more about Victory in future writings.

So Victory was towering over all the buildings and everything in D.C.! I have never personally been to D.C., or the East coast for that matter, so I was enjoying the view!

The glory of the Lord was all around Victory!

I then saw the soil beginning to break as the ground began to shake, then a light house began to break through the ground and rise towards the sky. I saw over the top of the light house, the number 7.

Then I saw the ground quake again; I watched the statue of Abraham Lincoln fall forward, as Jesus began to manifest himself in a brilliance of light in front of the Lincoln Memorial. It was as if the statue of Lincoln fell on its face before the King of Kings! Victory turned toward him and thrust his sword into the ground as he bowed with one hand still on his sword and the other at his side.

I heard a thundering voice from Heaven say, “Who will fear the Lord?! Who will know my Son?!”

I was then lowered to the ground feeling the fire of the Lord in His awesome presence as I turned to gaze at the beautiful sight of my King Jesus! He was wearing a crown and white robe; a brilliant light all around Him! He looked to me and said, “Come to me.” as He stretched out His hand towards me. I walked to Him taking His hand and He said, “Look around.” I looked around seeing the fancy buildings and grounds of Washington D.C. Their beauty was nothing compared to Jesus; the beautiful love permeating from He who was holding my hand was overwhelming. He said, “All of this is mine and I love this place! This is my vineyard and Jezebel will not be able to withstand the shaking of my arriving, or the fire of my presence in my chosen ones!”

“Truly the fear of the Lord has returned to this place!” said Victory.

With this, the vision ended.

I have spent the last several months unpacking this this vision and what it all could mean. As stated earlier, I will unpack this vision further in my next post, however, I will leave you with one summary thought.

I believe right now we are in the time of the first shaking. I believe that those who are the true body of Christ have a divine opportunity. An opportunity to step into the fullness of everything He laid His life down for, so that we can fully stand in Him and be the light of the world that He called us to be.LightHouse Light of the World cropped